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The Femme Boss Podcast

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EP#12: Creating heart-centered events and workshops to grow your business: Jade Mackenzie, Eventhead
May 31, 2017

I’m super honored to be chatting to one of my favorite people today - Jade Mackenzie, founder of Eventhead. Jade is an internationally award winning event professional and coach for entrepreneurs and business owners. In this episode, we dive into...

EP#11: The Balanced Life Sisterhood: building a heart-centred subscription-based business, with Robin Long
May 17, 2017

Today I’m chatting with Robin Long, Pilates and Barre Teacher, Blogger and founder of the Balanced Life. Robin Long lives and works in sunny Santa Barbara, California. She’s a certified Pilates and Barre teacher passionate about creating programs...

EP#10: Leaning in, giving yourself permission + embracing your sacred feminine, with Steph Jagger
April 12, 2017

Welcome to Episode number 10 of the Femme Boss Podcast! Today’s guest is Steph Jagger - author, coach and world record smasher who splits time between Southern California and British Columbia, where she dreams big dreams, writes her heart out,...

EP09: The Journey from Food Blogger to Published Author with Sally O'Neil: The Fit Foodie
March 30, 2017

Welcome to episode #09 of the Femme Boss Podcast. Today’s guest is Sally O’Neill, otherwise known as the Fit Foodie - who is a self-confessed fitness + health foodie lover, who was born UK and moved to Australia six years ago to enjoy a little...

EP08: Being Authentic Online + Monetizing your Blog with Kate McKibbon, Secret Bloggers Business
March 15, 2017

Welcome to Episode #8 of the Femme Boss Podcast! Today I’m thrilled to be chatting with the super talented, Kate McKibbin, founder of Secret Bloggers Business. Over her blogging journey Kate's sat front row at New York Fashion Week, been...

Ep07: Taking Your Side-Hustle Full-Time and Turning it into a Profitable Online Business, with Reese Evans, Founder of the Yes Supply Collective
March 08, 2017

Welcome to episode #7 of the Femme Boss podcast! Today, I am thrilled to be chatting to the super inspiring Reese Evans, founder of the Yes Supply Collective. In this episode, Reese shares the 4 key areas that women need support in to be...

Ep: 06 Building your empire with online courses: Mariah Coz, Femtrepreneur
March 01, 2017

Today I am super excited to introduce you to Mariah Coz, founder of Femtrepreneur. Just 2 years ago, Mariah made the decision to pursue "online courses" and get her REAL freedom back. She set a goal to replace her dollars-for-hours income with...

Reprogramming Your Mind for Success, with Carrie Green founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association
February 20, 2017

In today’s episode I’m beyond thrilled to be chatting with the incredible Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association. Carrie is an award winning entrepreneur and the author of the brand new Hay House book She Means Business. Over...