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47: My Big Fat Wedding Website
April 09, 2023

Drink: Mezcal Negroni  |  Topic: Current state of JavaScript, Vanilla JS, DOM API, and the never-ending options for wedding websites. 'Remember when' is what we are living in right now. Charlton and I sit down to talk about the many iterations of

46: Data Science, Analytics & Privacy
February 13, 2023

Drink: Japanese Whiskey, TALEA Sout Beer  |  Topic: Data Science, Analytics & PrivacyWhat are Data and Data Science? What do most businesses have in common when it comes to Data and Analytics? Why does privacy matter in the practical sense?

45: Engineering Management
July 28, 2022

Drink: Ranch Water  |  Topic: Engineering ManagementWhat a wonderful thing it is, this internet of ours, where strangers with common interests and attitudes can somehow find each other and create a bond where no way in hell was ever possible be

44: Code With Purpose
March 27, 2022

Drink: Dolin Rouge Sweet Vermouth  |  Topic: Code with PurposeFacebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Netflix are no longer the only companies that offer incredible financial compensation packages. As software engineering moves more and more into

43: JavaScript Closures & The Why of Programming
May 02, 2020

Drink: Aperol on Ice  |  Topic: JavaScript Closures and The Why of Programming Many of us focus the majority of our time on learning solutions, tools, npm packages and the rest of 'The How'. In this episode I explain why it's drastically more im

42: Algorithms
March 29, 2020

Drink: Ginger Lemon Honey  |  Topic: Algorithms While the craziness of the corona virus forces the world into a corner, many of us have been given an extraordinary amount of spare time to do the important things we've put off for too long. In th

41: How to Stay Motivated
March 21, 2020

Drink: Ginger Lemon Honey  |  Topic: How to Stay Motivated. While the craziness of the corona virus forces the world into a corner, it is more than ever an exercise of self awareness and motivation, more than anything else. In this episode I sh

40: User Experience Design
March 10, 2020

Guest:  Jay Eckert  | Drink: Old Fashioned  |  Topic: User Experience Design

39: Functional Programming
January 17, 2020

Guest:  Charles Fulnecky  | Drink: Kombucha Mezcal  |  Topic: Functional Programming and why it's not the norm

38: Be a Practitioner
October 18, 2019

Guest:  Metin Senler  | Drink: Grner White Wine  |  Topic: Be a Practitioner