Child Care Bar And Grill

Child Care Bar And Grill

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CCBAG_0652 Doing The Smallest Possible Thing With Sam Balch
November 02, 2020

We talk getting things done by starting with the smallest possible thing.

CCBAG_0651 Expressed Verses Revealed With Sam Balch
October 30, 2020

Sam helps us unpack expressed verses revealed opinions, positions, and practices in this episode of the Child Care Bar And Grill.

CCBAG_0650 Top Five Fictional Characters In Adult Books With NonPon And Josie
October 26, 2020

In this Top Five we share our favorite characters in adult fiction.

CCBAG_0649 Top Five Fictional Characters In Children’s Books With NonPon And Josie
October 23, 2020

We share our favorite kids fiction characters in this Top Five game.

CCBAG_0648 Pandemic Preschool With Kristen Peterson
October 19, 2020

Kristen joins the show to chat about how her program is doing in the times of covid.

CCBAG_0647 Home Schooling With Kristen Peterson
October 16, 2020

Kristen Peterson is with us to talk about her experience with home schooling.

CCBAG_0646 Making Room For YES With Bethany
October 12, 2020

We talk about making room for YES with Bethany.

CCBAG_0645 Taking Care Of Your Program’s Parents With Bethany
October 09, 2020

We taking care of your program's parents with Bethany. The kids aren't the only ones who need your care.

CCBAG_0644 Dog Poop Bag Dispensers And Engaging Online With Bethany
October 05, 2020

We talk about Jeff's amazing new dog poop bag dispenser at the top of the show and then dig into engaging with people on social media--or not.

CCBAG_0643 Top Five Loose Parts For Outdoor Play With Brett Schneider
October 02, 2020

Brett's with us to share our top five favorite outdoor play loose parts.