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Connecting Health and Learning Part II: The Implications
January 20, 2021

How do we use the science of early childhood development to implement practical strategies and overcome longstanding barriers in the early childhood field? How can we ensure that families' voices are heard when we create policies or programs?

Connecting Health and Learning Part I: The Science
December 08, 2020

How do our biological systems work together to respond to chronic stress? What do these responses mean for early learning and lifelong health? And when we say that early experiences matter, what do we mean by early?

COVID-19 Special Edition: Mental Health in a Locked-Down World
May 19, 2020

While some countries and U.S. states are beginning to reopen businesses and other gathering places, the pandemic is still very much with us. Physical distancing will likely be a way of life until a vaccine for COVID-19 is widely available.

COVID-19 Special Edition: Domestic Violence and Shelter-In-Place
May 12, 2020

Shelter-in-place orders are meant to help protect our communities from the current coronavirus pandemic. But for some people, home isn't always a safe place. For those who are experiencing domestic violence, or believe they know someone one who is,

COVID-19 Special Edition: Creating Communities of Opportunity
May 06, 2020

While the current coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of us, it isn't affecting all of us equally. Some communities—especially communities of color—are feeling the brunt of the virus more than others, in terms of higher rates of infection as well as ...

COVID-19 Special Edition: Self-Care Isn't Selfish
April 28, 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, pediatricians are serving a unique role. While the coronavirus is generally showing milder effects on babies and children than on adults, there are still health concerns and considerations for infants in need of sched...

COVID-19 Special Edition: A Different World
April 21, 2020

While the coronavirus pandemic has changed many things around the world, it has not stopped child development. In this series of special episodes of The Brain Architects podcast, we aim to share helpful resources and ideas in support of all those who a...

Serve and Return: Supporting the Foundation
March 09, 2020

What is "serve and return"? What does it mean to have a "responsive relationship" with a child? How do responsive relationships support healthy brain development? And what can parents and caregivers do in their day-to-day lives to build these sorts of ...

Toxic Stress: Protecting the Foundation
February 07, 2020

What is toxic stress? What effects can it have on a child's body and development, and how can those effects be prevented? What does it mean to build resilience? This episode of The Brain Architects explores what "toxic stress" means,

Brain Architecture: Laying the Foundation
January 10, 2020

Why are the early years of a child's life so important for brain development? How are connections built in the brain, and how can early brain development affect a child's future health? This episode of The Brain Architects dives into all these question...