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Ep. 1789 - They’re Treating Trump Like A Mobster
August 16, 2023

We examine all legal angles regarding the RICO prosecution against Donald Trump in Georgia; Trump claims he’s about to drop bombshell new revelations about voter fraud in Georgia; and the Biden admini

Ep. 1788 - BREAKING: Trump’s FOURTH Indictment Hits In Georgia
August 15, 2023

Atlanta DA Fani Willis files a massive slate of RICO indictments against Donald Trump and 18 alleged co-conspirators; Joe Biden, on vacation again, brushes off the worst wildfire disaster in modern Am

Ep. 1787 - Joe Biden’s Big Hunter Coverup
August 14, 2023

Joe Bidens DOJ appoints David Weiss special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation and we examine why its a coverup; Republican candidates descend on the Iowa State Fair as Donald Trump swoops

Facts Ep. 2: Despite What You're Told, China is Dying
August 13, 2023

70% Off! 3 Step Dark Spot Correcting System - Limited time! China isnt as strong as you're told. Ben breaks down China's five undeniable failures, from the one child policy

Ep. 1786 - Biden Bribes The Iranian Ayatollahs
August 11, 2023

Iran releases five Americans to house arrest after Joe Biden pays them $6 BILLION; the House Oversight Committee vows to subpoena the Bidens; and a massive brawl breaks out between a group of white of

Ep. 1785 - Time To Stop The Soros Prosecutors
August 10, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspends a George Soros-backed prosecutor for failing to prosecute crime; Disney gets cold-cocked by the market; and Bidenomics is the New Coke of economics programs.Cl

Ep. 1784 - The Economy Is Spiraling The Drain
August 09, 2023

American credit card debt hits a stunning $1 trillion as one of the Biden White Houses favorite companies goes belly up;Kari Lake wants to run for Senate again; and Ohio votes blue on a big Republic

Ep. 1783 - I Will Never Forget Biden's Disastrous Afghanistan Pull Out
August 08, 2023

Joe Bidens disastrous Afghanistan policy left millions under the rule of the Taliban and got 13 American soldiers killed but the media dont care; Ne-Yo gets hammered for telling the truth about ge

Ep. 1782 - Trump, Racism & Celebrity Anti-Semitism
August 07, 2023

As the economy begins to soften and the Ukraine war drags on, Joe Bidens poll numbers show his vulnerability but will Republicans be able to take advantage?Click here to join the member exclusive

Pro-Life Debate Tips With Trent Horn
August 06, 2023

Trent Horn joins the show to discuss his appearance on the Whatever Podcast and how to respond to the strongest pro-choice arguments.