The Barber Shop 918

The Barber Shop 918

Latest Episodes

The Super Laxatives Episode
April 09, 2020

Join The Fellas as they get together to laugh and have fun during COVID-19.  In this episode, we talk about movies, music, and even debate hood yearbook superlative. 

The Barber Shop 918: The Almost Uncut Episode
March 05, 2020

Join the fella's as they have fun talking NBA, Boxing, and everything in the world of entertainment!

The Barber Shop 918: The Willona Woods Episode
February 20, 2020

Join the fella's as they talk NBA All-Star weekend, Gail  & Snoop, Power, The Photograph and much more!  

The Barber Shop 918: The Barber Shop 816 Episode
February 07, 2020

Join the fellas as they chop it up about the NBA, movies, music and of course the Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl 54 victory! 

The Barber Shop 918: Thank You Kobe!
January 30, 2020

Join the fella's as they celebrate the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant, talk Super Bowl Sunday, and much more! 

The Barber Shop 918: Closing Out 2019
December 19, 2019

Join the crew as we close out 2019 with our best of list. Also a little Thunder talk, our black famous list and Jay breaks down the upcoming Eagles and Cowboys trash bowl showdown!  

The "To This Day" Episode!
December 13, 2019

On this episode of the Barber Shop 918 the fella's talk about the NFC East, OKC Thunder and act a fool in the word on the street!  

The Street Meat Vol. 1: The West Coast Productions Years Episode
November 14, 2019

Join the crew as we continue to act a fool! 

The Boogaloo Shrimp/ Pastor Wilson Episode!
October 31, 2019

Join the fella's as they act a fool talking NFL and NBA, and entertainment! This week they break down The Watchmen, Kanye's new gospel album, Dolomite is My Name, and much more in the Word on the Street! Also they share their top John Witherspoon moments.

The Lizzo Coming Out Episode!
October 17, 2019

Join the crew of the Barbershop 918 as they cut up talking sports and entertainment! This week things get interesting as one of the fellas reveals his unbridled passion of Lizzo! Also, you can't forget NFL talk and the NBA preview. All this and much more