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American Madness: When Mental Illness Leads to Murder
August 16, 2023

Jonathan Rosen, author of The Best Minds: A Story of Friendship, Madness, and the Tragedy of Good Intentions, joins us to discuss the tragic story that inspired his book of a childhood friend diagnose

Ep. 1143 - The Summer of Girl
August 11, 2023

The girly cultural phenomena of Taylor Swift's concert and the Barbie movie shine a light on our dysfunction, our yearning, and our way forward.Ep.1143Click here to join the member exclusive porti

How The Radical Left Conquered Our Entire Culture
August 09, 2023

Christopher Rufo, author of America's Cultural Revolution: How The Radical Left Conquered Everything, joins us to discuss the history of leftist radicalism in America, how the left waged a generationa

Ep. 1142 - Never Say Never Trump
August 04, 2023

Biden and the DOJ are so corrupt they might just get 45 elected 47.Ep.1142Click here to join the member exclusive portion of my show: - -DailyWire+:Become a DailyWire+

Can Science and Religion Coexist?
August 02, 2023

James Tour, Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science and Nanoengineering at Rice University, joins us to discuss the origins of life and the theory of intelligent design, the hostility towards Christ

Daily Wire Backstage: Barbiegate and other Kenspiracies.
August 01, 2023

Only DailyWire+ members can listen to the member block portion of the show. Join now: skating. Hillarys grating. Little green men are wondering why anyone cares about

Ep. 1141 - The Human Stain
July 28, 2023

Democracy, science, religion - nothing is untouched by the human stain of corruption.Ep.1141Click here to join the member exclusive portion of my show: - -DailyWire+:G

Are Conservatives WINNING The Culture War?
July 26, 2023

Michael Knowles and my son Spencer Klavan (no relation) join me to discuss what the future of conservatism may look like, and whether the right is breaking ground in the ongoing culture wars against l

Ep. 1140 - They Hate Us So, So Much
July 21, 2023

They want to burn down our cities, silence our songs, cancel our careers, imprison our leaders, and remake our world. Try that in a small town.Ep.1140Click here to join the member exclusive portio

Christians Are Being Persecuted, and It's Getting Worse
July 19, 2023

Thomas Williams, author of The Coming Christian Persecution: Why Things Are Getting Worse and What You Can Do About It, joins us to discuss the accelerating persecution of Christians in the post-Chris