the 7-Figure Salon Podcast

the 7-Figure Salon Podcast

The 5 Senses: Creating the Customer Experience | 7FS | EP 39

June 22, 2021

The 7-Figure Salon Podcast Episode #39

*Originally posted August 13, 2019!*

This week, we're discussing how you build the client experience through the 5 Senses.


How are you touching the 5 Senses of Your Clients?

Sight- What do they see when they walk in?

Smell- What do they smell? Think of the Anthropology story.

Hear- What music are you playing? What mood does it create?

Touch- How do you get the clients to take ownership of the product?

Taste- Do you offer coffee, tea, water?


How do we at Strut touch each of these senses? How are you creating an experience for your clients?

We'll have some work to do on the smell in the store, but otherwise I think we've nailed it.


Let us know what changes you're going make or what you're doing right in your business?

If you have any information, don't hesitate to reach out and we'll see how we can help you!


To your success,