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That's All I Got

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Music Mondays... for now
August 11, 2023

Music Mondays... for now

Back to RSS
January 03, 2022

We need to get away from the social media platforms and get back to RSS. The web and the Internet are the platforms. RSS is the protocol for the decentralization everyone craves.

2021 Year in Review
December 27, 2021

Episode 28 I review the top 10 stories on my web site from 2021. All the links to those posts are below. Who ever sent me the 114 sats last week THANKS! Happy New Year folks. Value 4 ValueListen to th

Team No Agenda or Team Scott Adams? Who cares… I’m team good audio!
December 20, 2021

Episode 27 Somehow in all my blogging expertise I deleted my comments here while posting. I have no idea how it happened. In any case the gist of what Im saying without listening to the audio of my r

Comirnaty Held Hostage: Day 98
November 29, 2021

If current vaccines don't cover the Omicron variant are the vaccines still under EUA and is the FDA approved Comirnaty still valid? Where is Comirnaty?

Fomenting racism from an American success story
November 05, 2021

Episode 24 Value 4 ValueListen to this on Podfriend Shownotes An American success story in a small town in Illinois should have been reported as an American success story. But instead, Chicago Tribune

I need some new traditions
October 29, 2021

Episode 23 On todays episode of personal therapy I discuss my need for new traditions. Value 4 ValueListen to this on Podfriend Shownotes So I need some new traditions. All the traditions that I had

Technology refugee
October 22, 2021

This is a rant on computer and phone technology going in a different direction than I need it to be. Nothing fits what I want or what I do. Upgrade to the New Windows 11 OS | Microsoft 5G Google Pixel

Where are all the attorneys?
October 08, 2021

I ask the simple question of what happened to all the personal injury attorneys?

Coca-Cola wants to hug you with “Real Magic”
October 01, 2021

Coca-Cola's new "brand platform" called Real Magic and their new "hug" logo needs a kick in the ass.