That's Life with Bob & Jen

That's Life with Bob & Jen

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Episode 30: with Danny & Tina Pezzotta…AGAIN!
January 04, 2017

Going to the toilet to be left alone! – DAMNIT! How pregnancy affects a relationship.…

Episode 29: Back Again & Giving in the Holiday Season
December 12, 2016

After a much too long a break, We’re back again! Living in a post truth…

Episode 28: Political lessons for our kids & whining
August 09, 2016

Are there lessons for our kids to be learned from our national political farce? Is…

Episode 27: Racism and kids & Emmy noms
July 20, 2016

Jackson wants to have a YouTube channel on… videogames… ugh. VIEWER MAIL: Our listener Devon…

Episode 26: All Things Miss North Carolina with special guest David Clegg.
July 02, 2016

So excited to have David on the show. Check him out here! Jen is in…

Episode 25: with special Guest host JACKSON!
June 26, 2016

That’s right Jennifer is off in North Carolina and filling in for her this week…

Episode 24: Father’s Day & Bucket List’s
June 22, 2016

Father’s Day Memories, Bucket List, A new diet bet, 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage…

Episode 23: How many more innocent people need to die?
June 12, 2016

Jennifer is a mess, Bob is over Miss America, Diet Bet Fail & Emotional eating,…

Episode 22: Does voting for Trump make you a bad person? & Dating Rules to Break
June 10, 2016

Growing up in a world with a black president and maybe even a woman president.…

Episode 21: Gorilla’s and Theft
June 01, 2016

Diet Bet update, Our car was broken into and Jacksons baseball equipment was stolen, Murder