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005: Ambiguity Hurts with Kevin Garcia
October 17, 2019

In the fifth episode of Thanks Be To Pod, Kevin Garcia —  a public theologian, mystic, and activist —  shares their story and their perspective on Churches that refuse to make their policies on LGBTQ+ inclusion clear. 

004: Church Beef
October 02, 2019

In the fourth episode of Thanks Be To Pod, Colby heads out on the road, both digitally and literally, to interview three Progressive Christians about their deconstruction experience.

003: Relevant’s Toxic Culture | A Conversation with Rebecca Marie Jo
September 25, 2019

Relevant magazine has been accused of breeding a racially insensitive and toxic culture. In the third episode of Thanks Be To Pod, Rebecca Marie Jo, a former editor at the magazine, shares her thoughts about Relevant and the hopes that she has for the ...

002: The Old College Try
September 15, 2019

Did you take a religion or philosophy class in college? Did it impact the way that you think about God?  If so, you're not alone. In the second episode of Thanks Be To Pod, Nate and Colby think through the ways that the college experience prompts decon...

“Wait, What?! Can a Person Leave Bethel Behind?”
August 21, 2019

Nate and Colby discuss the recent drama surrounding Bethel Church and their partnership with an organization that believes you can, “leave homosexuality behind.”

001: Deconstruction
August 15, 2019

Why do the vast majority of the churches that welcome "deconstructing" Christians feel like they are stuck in a time warp?