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Rapid Fire with Jon Root
May 19, 2022

The Biden/Kamala experiment, primaries and mid-terms, the Trump influence, and more!

Rapid Fire with David Marcus
May 06, 2022

Supreme court leak, homelessness, Sleepy Joe Biden, more Covid, and more!

Border Update
April 11, 2022

Joe Kent
March 23, 2022

Dr. Grant Campbell
March 17, 2022

Tim Swain
March 13, 2022

Harrison Rogers
March 05, 2022

Kingsley Cortes
February 26, 2022

We are happy to have a special guest Kingsley Cortez, former Trump campaign executive assistant, and deputy to the CEO of Gettr. Kingsley, Mike, and Mike discuss the current discrimination of conserva

Dr. Janette Nesheiwat
February 24, 2022

We have a very special guest today. We would like to welcome Dr. Janette Nesheiwat to today’s show. Dr. Nesheiwat is a board-certified medical doctor in family and emergency medicine. Mike, Mike, and

Sofia Carbone
February 03, 2022

Welcome to another episode of TFG Truth. Mike and Mike have special guest Sofia Carbone, host of the podcast, In The Kitchen. Mike, Mike, and Sophia discuss the mess Biden and Harris are making in the