The Time Travelin Texican

The Time Travelin Texican

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Episode 1 – It’s the 1500s, the Spanish bump into the Texas Coast and meet some of the people already here
May 21, 2020

Welcome to the official Episode 1 of The Time Travelin’ Texican.  In Episode 1, I take a look at early European exploration, including a brief glance at the Portuguese, and how the Spanish ended up sending Columbus to find a … Continue reading →

New Podcast – Texas History with The Time Travelin’ Texican
May 17, 2020

(Not complete transcript of show) – Download Complete Transcript (pdf)What is the Time Travelin’ Texican show all about? It’s about Texas History, and all of it’s many levels, layers, and players. Texas history has so many branches that it is … Continu...