TERMINUS: extreme metal podcast

TERMINUS: extreme metal podcast

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Terminus Episode 23 - Ildskaer, Cimetiere, Elcrost, Toadeater
October 14, 2020

On this week's full-throttle, three-hour marathon episode of Terminus, we come face to face with some of the black metal questions that have haunted us from the beginning of the show.The Black Metal Guy begins with Denmark's Ildskaer and Quebec's Cimeti..

Terminus Episode 22 - Trident, Mysthicon, Panzerwar, Encephalic
October 08, 2020

On this fine new episode of Terminus, we focus on a trio of bands returning to pre-00s roots, reactivating the potential of ancestral styles. And then.... as always.... some brutal death!In the first half of the show, we focus on two bands formed by hon..

Terminus Episode 21 - Into Oblivion, Sammas’ Equinox, Insalubrity, Just Before Dawn
October 01, 2020

Right after recording the Serpent Column interview, we hurled ourselves into Episode 21.We lead off with a vast, majestic 50-minute review of Into Oblivion's vast, majestic new EP, Winds of Serpentine Ascension. If you've wanted to hear a whole new styl..

Terminus Interview - Serpent Column (ft. track premiere: "Offering of Tongues")
September 29, 2020

In this Terminus exclusive, the core songwriter of Serpent Column joins your hosts to take stock of his six-part cycle, now drawing to a close with Kathodos and its forthcoming followup EP. This interview will not give you a guided tour of the album, or .

Terminus Episode 20 - Slavland, Khors, Cranial Contamination, Forgotten Tomb (Chile)
September 24, 2020

In this festive 20th episode of Terminus, each one of us leans into his personal subgenre specialties and finds a year-end pick! We warm up by hopping on the "Six Feet Under 'Zodiac' reaction video" trend, and keep the loose and riffy vibe going througho.

Terminus Interview - Oldowan Gash
September 21, 2020

On Episode 16, we reviewed the ripping new record by Oldowan Gash, whose punkish, Western-outlaw black metal captures all the strengths of the emerging North American underground. In this followup interview, we knock back some e-beers with sole member Fo.

Terminus Episode 19 - Evaporated Sores, Dephosphorus, Katavasia, Sale Freux
September 16, 2020

On this week's Terminus, we bring you some properly gnarly and eccentric sounds, punctuated by what may be the most catchy, accessible record we've yet covered. And as with Ep. 17, the whole batch gets the Terminus seal of approval!The Death Metal Guy l..

Terminus Episode 18 - Meslamtaea, Cultum Interitum, Hymn, Dumal
September 09, 2020

After two episodes of virtually nothing but sword-and/or-sorcery-oriented pagan black metal (no bad thing!), we're back to a more eclectic lineup. The Death Metal Guy sets the tone with a couple great choices, both black metal bands remaining faithful to.

Terminus Episode 17 - Macabre Omen, Nihil Obstat, Ikotka, Svederna
September 02, 2020

This week on Terminus, we continue reaping this fall's bumper crop of pagan black metal, punctuated by some extremely catchy brutal death. And it's one of those rare shows where we both really like every record!We start by singing the praises of the new..

Terminus Interview - Crushing The Scepter
August 31, 2020

On Episode 14, we explored Crushing The Scepter's disciplined and demanding new record, which drifts forlornly through the vast expanse between funeral doom and black metal. Today, The Death Metal Guy gets in touch with Taylor, the lone anchorite behind .