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Chapter 65 – Gloria’s Tale: From a Girl Impressed by Technology to a Leader Connecting, Educating & Inspiring Women in Tech
September 10, 2021

The sight of a computer filling an entire room sparked Gloria Bell’s passion for technology at the age of six. Over the years, she translated that fascination into co-founding the Women in Tech Summit

Technologist Tales Awards Replay: WIT (Women in Tech) Tales about Closing the Gender Gap
August 20, 2021

In honor of the upcoming in-person and virtual celebration (October 22, 2021) Technologist Tales is re-releasing our award-winning mini-series featuring remarkable women working in the technology ind

Technologist Tales Awards Replay: Why Career Changers Should Consider Help Desk Jobs During the Pandemic
July 30, 2021

Why should today’s career changers to consider training to become IT support specialists? Because despite pandemic conditions, U.S. employers continue to to bolster businesses and support our nation’

Technologist Tales Awards Replay: Why Military Veterans Make Excellent Help Desk Technologists
July 23, 2021

Why are military veterans excellent candidates for jobs as IT support specialists? Is it the technical training they receive during service? Is it the work ethic they acquire during service? Or is it

Technologist Tales Awards Replay: What is a Workforce Board?
July 16, 2021

What is a workforce board? And how does one collaborate with the Career Academy team? Together, they’re helping military veterans, adults in career transitions, and young people from disadvantaged p

Technologist Tales Awards Replay: Why IT Training is Economic Stimulus
July 09, 2021

How is custom IT help desk training transforming our nation’s workforce? Listen as executives from CompTIA Tech’s team and one of their key clients provide answers. Together, they’re helping workers

Technologist Tales Awards Replay: Social Innovation in Action through TechGirlz
July 02, 2021

What is “Social Innovation?” And how is , a program of , practicing this philanthropic discipline to inspire middle-school girls to explore careers working with technology? This mini-series won “Gold”

Technologist Tales Awards Replay: Social Innovation in Action with Creating IT Futures Partners
June 11, 2021

What is “Social Innovation?” And what role do “chickens” play in practicing this philanthropic discipline at ? This mini-series won “Gold” distinction from the for “outstanding work” while promoting a philanthropic cause. Original...

Technologist Talk Mini-Series #14: Revelations from Our Pandemic Pivots
May 28, 2021

For four non-profits devoted to inspiring young women to pursue careers in technology and lead healthy, balanced lifestyles, COVID-19 was an existential crisis. Hear how these organizations not only survived their “pandemic pivots,” but are in...

Chapter 57 – Tales from SXSW EDU: Revelations from Our Pandemic Pivots – Part 3
May 21, 2021

We’re celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Women in Tech Summit () by sharing a 3-part series based on a recent session during the South by Southwest EDU () conference. director Amy Cliett moderated the session, and the third installment...