Tech Top 6

Tech Top 6

Tech Top 6 – Is No Good For You? Plus Biases, Waste and Zero Trust

November 10, 2021

It’s TechTop6 again! In this episode with Warren Avery, chief curator at the IT Weekly Newsletter we look into articles that range from data privacy to cloud waste, but it’s the “getting to no” that gives us our episode title. We are still a little security obsessed, but we blame it on the continuing pandemic (oh, and the increase in ransomware).

In this latest episode:

* Digital Transformation Tips– You have to turn into something, might as well be digital!* Ohio Data Privacy – Your own private Idaho – er, Ohio?* Getting To No – Cause Yes was too easy* Biases Kill – Slayed by preferences…* Cloud Waste – It’s all vaporware at some level* Zero Trust Tenets – Trusting in Zero Trust

Warren enjoys a good “bad” dad joke. Hit him up here or on his LinkedIn. You can use this free one-click secure form here if you don’t trust LinkedIn.

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