Tech Top 6

Tech Top 6

Tech Top 6 – Security, Deception and Cheese

December 21, 2020

Happy Holidays y’all! We are still recording new episodes (IT doesn’t stop!) but thought we’d insert one of early 2020 previously unpublished episodes into the stream this week. Kind of give our team a bit of a breather while they work up a special end of year review of all the hottest topics in the IT Weekly Newsletter for 2020 overall. Today, check this out as Warren and I were just getting going with the TechTop6…

* Security vs. Compliance – It’s neither OR nor XOR, but AND* Security & Development Collaborate – Building it in better than patching it on* Cheese of Project Managers – Cause who doesn’t like cheese?* Effective Deception – Otherwise what’s the point?* RPA For Beginners – Gotta start somewhere* Validating Replication – Doing it over and over correctly?

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