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Tech Top 6 – Final Episode – Good Luck Warren!
April 01, 2022

We are here? At the end of the line? This is the last episode of the IT Weekly Newsletter TT6? Yep, Warren is retiring. Actually retiring this time. Or so he says. How old is he really? Listen and fin

Tech Top 6 – Privacy Invaders and Monorepos
March 28, 2022

Whats that? This is the last regular episode of TT6? Warren retires in the next episode? Aargh! Well, buck up! Warren and I are at it one last time reviewing the best six of the weeks top curated I

Tech Top 6 – Vendor Questions, Zero Trust
March 21, 2022

Argh! I can hear the impending end of the ITWN TT6 (only two more episodes after this one!), Still, Warren and I armor up and review another six of the weeks smartest IT articles. You dont like wadi

Tech Top 6 – So Many Mistakes, So Little Trust
March 14, 2022

In our brief countdown to the impending end of the ITWN TT6 (only three more episodes after this one!), Warren and I bravely chug on and review another half dozen of the weeks choicest IT information

Tech Top 6 – Data Protection Hoarding, Irresponsibility and Just Making It Up!
March 08, 2022

Hey TT6 Fans! There has been a bit of a gap in our posting, so first some good news four more episodes after this one have been produced while weve been waiting! But I also have some sad TT6

Tech Top 6 – Bad Tech and Biometrics
November 15, 2021

What a year so far! So many challenges, yet IT stuff keeps rolling along. Glad you are here to let Warren and I help you keep up! Every week Warren brings along six hand-curated articles from his ha

Tech Top 6 – Is No Good For You? Plus Biases, Waste and Zero Trust
November 10, 2021

Its TechTop6 again! In this episode with Warren Avery, chief curator at the IT Weekly Newsletter we look into articles that range from data privacy to cloud waste, but its the getting to no that g

Tech Top 6 – New IT Skills – Keeping Secrets and Managing Breaches
August 05, 2021

Hey TechTop6-ers! Back with another timely episode with Warren Avery, chief curator at the IT Weekly Newsletter. This weeks episode is, natch, focused on security, privacy and governance all hot t

Tech Top 6 – Things You Wish You Knew
April 19, 2021

Here is a brand new no-foolin episode of the TT6 in which Warren, chief editor of the IT Weekly Newsletter and I look at the weeks best published tech articles. Take advantage of our expert curation

Tech Top 6 – Bestest Strategies for IT, Freelancers and Hackers
March 30, 2021

Hey All! Warren and I havent disappeared. Really! In fact weve just finished recording our 50th TT6 Episode. Unfortunately only half have been published for our mad raving fanbase (thats you all!)