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ISS space emergency as Russia blasts satellite
November 16, 2021

Panic as Moscow defence chiefs bomb old space hardware 280 miles above Earth into 1,500-chunk shrapnel cloud, sending seven on ISS scrambling for ‘lifeboat’ escape pods. Xbox at 20: What are the 70-pl

Xbox 20th anniversary revamp, plus a $10K Gucci console
November 15, 2021

Microsoft is celebrating 20 years of its Xbox console on Monday, and it could be time to dust off your very old 360 CDs because the company’s also updating some of its relatively ancient titles. World

Vinyl crisis: Is Adele fuelling a global LP shortage?
November 12, 2021

Adele and Ed Sheeran’s impact on the vinyl shortage means that smaller artists face an even bigger wait when it comes to pressing. A lack of availability of materials and supply chain issues means the

SpaceX historic launch: Meet the 600th human blasted into the cosmos
November 11, 2021

Four astronauts blasted off on Wednesday night - after being delayed by nearly two weeks. The 600th person to travel to space - astronaut Matthias Maurer - talked to us before his historical

Capitol riot: Prince Harry says he warned Twitter boss
November 10, 2021

Prince Harry says he warned Twitter boss Jack Dorsey ahead of the Capitol riot in January. He claims he emailed the CEO saying that the platform was allowing a coup to be staged - a day before the att

SpaceX capsule & crew return to earth after 200 days
November 09, 2021

Four astronauts have safely returned to earth after 6 months onboard the International Space Station. Their return paves the way for four replacements who could blast off as early as Wednesday. Enviro

Elon Musk's Twitter poll drives Tesla down
November 08, 2021

Be careful what you poll… A vote on Twitter by Elon Musk has urged him to sell 10% of his stake in Tesla in order to pay tax. The poll was done in response to a "billionaires tax" proposed by US Democ

Roblox: Music festivals in the metaverse
November 05, 2021

If you baulked at those £200-plus Adele concert tickets, how about watching KSI and Ava Max for nothing....the catch? It’s all in the popular cartoon-like social gaming world Roblox. We speak to globa

Why Nintendo can't fulfil Switch Christmas demand
November 04, 2021

Why Nintendo says it can’t keep up with Christmas Switch demand. Just when you thought dealing with one pandemic was quite enough, it’s being suggested governments can use their Covid-19 knowledge to

Web Summit: Crypto & Climate are hot topics
November 03, 2021

#WebSummit2021: crypto’s the big thing plus climate ideas at Lisbon's Covid-era mega expo. Facebook says it will shut down its facial recognition database. Biden: China and Russia showed lack of leade