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Nasa on their Moon mission: VIPER
May 20, 2022

Plus, the AI sleeping app

Costa Rica ‘at war’ with Conti ransomware gang
May 19, 2022

The new president of Costa Rica has declared that his country is at war with a ransomware group. The cybercriminal gang known as ‘Conti’ has disabled agencies across the government since April using ransomware attacks.Plus, the CEO of a disability rights

Are the US taking UFOs more seriously?
May 18, 2022

Plus, why Disney Plus may bring adverts

Mars: Nasa's new search for life
May 17, 2022

Plus, Mi5 warns of spies targeting thousands of high tech businesses

North Korea military tackle 'explosive' covid outbreak
May 16, 2022

Plus, Google and Samsung join forces to make it easier to sync fitness data

Black hole: man behind new Milky Way image
May 13, 2022

Plus! Elon Musk says Twitter takeover is ‘on hold’

Crypto crash: Bitcoin cheapest since summer ‘21
May 12, 2022

Plus! Google launches first Pixel Watch

Elon Musk on Trump's Twitter 'freedom'
May 11, 2022

Plus! Apple discontinues iPod after two decades

Millions of cyber scams taken offline
May 10, 2022

Plus! Walking whales and the government buying bitcoin dip

Gaming kids 'banned' after 10pm
May 09, 2022

Plus, a back-flipping black hole