Teach Me, Teacher

Teach Me, Teacher

Secretary Miguel Cardona on Politics in Education and Hope for the Future

May 04, 2022

Hello everyone! In honor of teacher appreciation week, the United States Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, has come to Teach Me, Teacher to discuss the politics continuing to shape education, as well as the hope and good news coming down from Washington.

It was an absolute honor to speak with Secretary Miguel Cardona for the time we had. Many feel as if teachers are just yelling into the void and no one is listening. We feel like little changes despite so much needing to be changed. I believe that Secretary Cardona addresses much of that in this discussion.

It’s my hope that this episode inspires hope in educators, but also inspires other leaders in and around education to come speak directly to teachers on this show. Tens of thousands of passionate educators listen every month to Teach Me, Teacher and we are constantly pushing for more understanding and support in what we do. We need more clear lines of communication to create the best schools possible for our communities and the people who work in them.

As I say at the end of this episode…this podcast is not an echo chamber. We talk to anyone who genuinely wants to see education be better, and we believe that people on many sides can contribute to making public school reach the promise it strives to honor.

Whether you are a new listener or a longtime fan of the show, I hope you enjoy this special episode.