Teach Me, Teacher

Teach Me, Teacher

#186 The Responsive Writing Workshop (Ralph Fletcher pt.2)

December 06, 2020

Hello everyone! Now more than ever, joy is something we, and our students, need. It seems like every time we turn around, there is more bad news, more terror, and more uncertainty in our world.

So why not let the classroom be a joyous place? Why not let kids write for meaning, purpose, and fun, in our classrooms?

Last week, we began our talk on the joyous writing workshop, but this week, we are diving into how responding to the readers in front of you is the key to a successful workshop for all involved. 

Ralph Fletcher has been a mentor to teachers and young writers everywhere. He has helped hundreds of thousands of teachers understand the importance of letting go and trusting their writers. Ralph’s professional books are part of this tradition.

His newest book, Focus Lessons, helps teachers use the natural links between writing and photography to enhance their instruction. Another recent title, Joy Write, explores the value of giving students time and autonomy for the playful, low-stakes writing that leads to surprising, high-level growth.

Pay attention to THE END of the podcast to find out how you can win a copy of Focus Lessons or Joy Write!




This episode is sponsored by Heinemann—the leading publisher of professional books and resources for educators—and their professional book, Risk. Fail. Rise. A Teacher’s Guide to Learning From Mistakes by Colleen Cruz.

You’ve likely heard the adage, ‘Everyone makes mistakes.’ But knowing why we make mistakes can help us learn from them and improve situations once we’ve made them.

In Risk. Fail. Rise. teachers will learn how to address their own teaching mistakes, model with their own mistake-making, and
improve their responses to others’ mistakes. Colleen Cruz shares what research says on mistakes as part of learning and what that means for teaching.

If we can create school cultures where we talk honestly about mistakes, then we can grow and create opportunities for children to grow in all the ways they deserve. And we deserve those opportunities too.

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