Teach Me, Teacher

Teach Me, Teacher

#183 Teaching Reading and Writing Together (Jen Jones pt.2)

November 16, 2020

Hello everyone! Coming off the heels of releasing Teach Me, Teachers’ Top 10 Literacy Podcasts, here we are again with what is a 2 part episode destined to be added to the list! If you missed part 1, check it out here.

Today I am joined by the Instagram phenomenon and professional development guru, Jen Jones (@hellojenjones), to discuss what young readers and writers really need to be successful in our classes (and out!)

In this episode, we discuss and offer tips, practices, and ideas for how to merge teaching reading and writing. We both feel so passionately (and the research shows) that students do better when they are taught both simultaneously. In other words, not as separate acts!

Reading fuels writing, writing fuels reading. We must allow this to happen in our classrooms, and Jen brings us along to help us with the why and how on this episode of the podcast.

I learned so much from this talk, and I know you will too!




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You’ve likely heard the adage, ‘Everyone makes mistakes.’ But knowing why we make mistakes can help us learn from them and improve situations once we’ve made them.

In Risk. Fail. Rise. teachers will learn how to address their own teaching mistakes, model with their own mistake-making, and
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If we can create school cultures where we talk honestly about mistakes, then we can grow and create opportunities for children to grow in all the ways they deserve. And we deserve those opportunities too.

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