Teach Me, Teacher

Teach Me, Teacher

#173 Powerful Literacy Practices During Covid Era Teaching with Jennifer Serravallo (pt.2)

September 07, 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to season 5 and part 2 of my talk with Jennifer Serravallo! If you missed part one, check it out here. I love starting every season off with a massive literacy focused episode. Season 2 began with my talk with Donalyn Miller. Season 3 started with my talk with Penny Kittle. Season 4 started with my talk with Kelly Gallagher. And for season 5, I have brought on yet another one of my teaching idols, Jennifer Serravallo, to discuss powerful literacy practices to focus on during covid era teaching!
Jennifer Serravallo is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Reading Strategies Book as well as other popular Heinemann professional books: The Writing Strategies Book, Teaching Reading in Small Groups, and The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook, Grades K–2 & Grades 3–6.
Her new book, Connecting with Students Online: Strategies for Remote Teaching & Learning is due out very soon!
In this talk, we cover:

* Why the testing obsession in schools needs to end now
* Why programs that tout "predictability" in student performance needs to be questioned
* Why poetry writing is a skill we should foster in out classes
* Why we need to be focused on the kids are their individual needs

All of that and MORE part one of this powerful conversation with Jennifer Serravallo. Enjoy!

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This episode is sponsored by Heinemann—the leading publisher of professional books and resources for educators—and their professional book, No More Teaching Without Positive Relationships by Jaleel Howard, Tanya Milner-McCall, and Tyrone Howard.

Getting to know our students during the year has always been important. But this year is definitely going to throw us all some curveballs. We’ll also get some new opportunities for building connections with our classes.

No More Teaching Without Positive Relationships looks at the importance of knowing all our students, being culturally responsive, and protecting kids’ self-esteem. And you also get useful strategies for teaching through those positive relationships as you develop them.

So, if you’re looking for support for making your student relationships even stronger, visit Heinemann.com to download a sample from No More Teaching Without Positive Relationships or order your copy.