Latest Episodes

Ice Cream & Halloween Candy
October 29, 2020

This week on the podcast, Matt & Emily are talking all about treats! First they’re drinking the ultimate treat, tea: Matt is drinking the London Tea Company’s Zingy Lemon and Ginger while Emily has the Dollar Tea Club’s Ginger Peach.

Acquiring A New Skill
October 22, 2020

Matt and Emily are back with a tea that’s not a tea, much to the surprise of your favorite hosts. They are drinking PlumDeluxe’s Butterfly Pea Flower, a drink meant to be mixed with lemonade or a cocktail or another type of tea!

The Feeling of Getting Home From Work
October 15, 2020

TeaBD is back! Matt & Emily talk about the feeling of getting home from work—while drinking tea—a great thing to do when you get home from work! Matt’s tea was Lychee Bellini by DAVIDsTEA and was both disappointing and surprising.

Celeste & Masks
October 08, 2020

After last week’s brief trip into the multiverse, your hosts Matt & Emily are back to drinking tea and talking undetermined topics! This week, they’re drinking Steep (by Bigelow)’s organic English Breakfast tea and Matt’s mini-topic is the indie videog...

Already Bean Decided: Metroid & Medieval Queens
October 01, 2020

Already Bean Decided is BACK with another episode from these two coffee drinkers. Matt and Emily, like always, have decided each other’s topics and they share their research while exploring some of the ways to drink coffee!

September 24, 2020

Matt & Emily are back LIVE in Riverside Park. They talk about Matt’s topic, the television show Archer, and continue their conversation about texting. Spoiler alert, it gets contentious. Emily brought Spice Professor’s White Summer white tea for this e...

Texting and Phone Calls
September 17, 2020

Matt & Emily are back in Central Park and podcasting together! Are there police sirens in the background? Of course there are. But more importantly, there’s tea—a mystery Earl Grey they got at a cafe—and a topic of Emily’s choosing (formerly a mystery ...

Back to School & Slaughterhouse-Five
September 10, 2020

Boy oh boy are Matt and Emily back with yet another episode of TeaBD. Emily talks about the topic ‘Back to School’ while Matt talks about a book some people read in school, Slaughterhouse-Five. During the conversation your favorite hosts drink Smooth S...

Goodreads & Flashlights
September 03, 2020

Matt and Emily are back and talking topics! Emily finds yet another way to talk about reading by discussing the website Goodreads. Matt shares his (mostly negative) thoughts on flashlights. During this illuminating conversation,

August 27, 2020

TeaBD is back, live from their favorite place to socially distance, Central Park! Matt’s topic is nominally Splatoon but really Emily forces him to talk about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. During this delightful conversation,