TATL Podcast - Red-Yellow-Blue

TATL Podcast - Red-Yellow-Blue

Latest Episodes

TATL #6: Blogging
November 23, 2015

Emily & Roger talk about the basics of blogging and how teachers can use them.

TATL #5: Skillful Use of Videos in the Classroom (part 2)
October 29, 2015

Emily & Roger continue the conversation on how to effectively use a video in the classroom.

TATL #3: Students Attitudes Towards Other Classmates
October 16, 2015

Emily and Roger talk about students' attitudes towards other classmates and how to overcome problems.

TATL #2: When Students Don't Like Cooperative Learning
October 12, 2015

The Opportunities of Effective Cooperative Language Learning

TATL #1: Reflective and Impulsive Students
October 01, 2015

TATL#1 We talk about how to deal with both talkative and quiet students in class.