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Ep. 11 – Family Fundamentals
November 21, 2017

This week’s Talk United is all about UWCF’s Family Fundamentals, a Success by 6 resource center. Coleen Pizzuti, Family Fundamental’s new Program Manager, talks about the free services that are available to parents as well as our annual Santa’s Worksho...

Ep. 10 – On Loan
November 15, 2017

This week on Talk United, Alan is joined by two of our Associates on Loan, or Loaned Executives, from Publix Supermarkets, Ashlan Bilbrey and Brittany Crawley. They discuss their perceptions of United Way before coming to work here and what they’ve lea...

Ep. 9 – The Salvation Army
November 07, 2017

This week on Talk United we have Major Barry Corbitt of Salvation Army of Lakeland and West Polk County, one of five recipients of our 2017 Star Award grants to help implement the Pathway of Hope Initiative.  

Ep. 8 – Combating Dyslexia
October 16, 2017

This week on Talk United we have Dr. Pam Craven, executive director of the Learning Resource Center (LRC), one of five recipients of our 2017 Star Award grants. She and Alan discuss how LRC is using the Barton System to teach people how to overcome the...

Ep. 7 – Strong, Smart and Bold
October 03, 2017

Girls, Inc. of Lakeland President and CEO Kay Fields joins us for Talk United this week along with Brad Johnson, Deputy City Manager for the City of Lakeland.  

Ep. 6 – Beth Kanter
September 26, 2017

Beth Kanter, best-selling author and social media guru, joins us on the phone for this week’s Talk United. Beth is internationally recognized thought leader in networks, social media, and data.  Beth has over 35 years working in the nonprofit sector in...

Ep. 5 – After Irma
September 21, 2017

This episode of Talk United focuses on Hurricane Irma and what United Way of Central Florida is doing to help those affected. Jessica Vecchio, Director of Community Resources, joins Alan H Turner II for the second time to discuss how you can help.

Ep. 4 – Paying it Forward and Doing Cartwheels
September 05, 2017

We took a break from recording this week because of Labor Day so please enjoy this classic episode of Talk United! Originally published 07/18/17 Danielle Baker, Director of Resource Development, talks about her new position with UWCF as well as when he...

Ep. 3 – Jennifer Kincart Jonsson
August 29, 2017

United Way of Central Florida’s 2017/2018 Board Chair Jennifer Kincart Jonsson is in the studio this week with Alan. They discuss her goals for the coming year, her extensive history with UWCF and more. Also,

Ep. 2 – United We All Win
August 21, 2017

Talk United is on a break this week so here is a recent episode we posted on our Soundcloud account for our new campaign. Listen for details on how to get free LEGOLAND Florida Resort tickets. (Originally published 08/02/2017) Alan talks about our 2017...