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December 01, 2019

Building the Wall, reducing illegal immigration, taking care of our nation’s security, reducing unemployment and welfare, fixing our trade deficits, supporting our military and law enforcement, trying to drain the swamp and the highest stock market adv...

November 24, 2019

The Congressional impeachment disruption shows corruption on the part of the Democratic leadership, but no “high crimes and misdemeanors” so far by POTUS Trump. DrRon and Linda discuss the inside bloodless coup attempt takeover of President Trump and h...

November 21, 2019

The Democratic TV Comedy Hour that they call their “Impeachment Inquiry” has so far turned out to be a joke and a mockery of our judicial system. POTUS Trump continues to win as the biased inquiry proves that there is no “there” there.

November 14, 2019

“Rural people are bad who have made bad decisions and should be shamed,” says a UC Berkeley (CA) instructor. Just where does this intolerance come from? Just who have made “bad” decisions DrRon & Linda Martinelli ask in this episode of “Talking While M...

November 07, 2019

A troubling FOX NEWS poll shows that 49% of Americans polled want POTUS Trump impeached. But how was this poll vetted? The recent Democrat Presidential candidates to pull out of the race. CA Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsome blames POTUS Trump for California...

November 02, 2019

Another one bites the dust as our elite Special Forces and CIA track down the #1 Wanted terrorist in the world, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who commits suicide in a dark tunnel. The Democrat Congressional members holding the Trump Impeachment Inquiry violate...

October 27, 2019

It seems that the homeless problem is getting worse every day, especially in cities like SF. Why is that and who is really at fault here? Felon and con-man George Soros works with Obama, Holder and others on a plan to “re-district” New York.

October 20, 2019

“No justice – No peace!” You hear the New Progressive Left constantly complaining about “social injustice” in America; but what really constitutes “injustice” in our nation’s social, criminal justice and economic environments?

October 17, 2019

The political intrigue continues as POTUS Trump continues to be assailed on all sides by the Democrats bent upon waging a bloodless coup against his presidency and nullifying the votes of 65 million people.

October 13, 2019

The Democrats are out again to remove POTUS Trump from office in another attempt at a “Bloodless Coup” intended to throw out all of our 2016 votes. Exactly what has President done wrong here when he asked foreign leaders to help him discover whether Am...