Talking HTML

Talking HTML

Eps 29: Back to Basics – Talking HTML

February 20, 2017

Check your workflow

Look at where you work

Desk setup
Are you in an external office or do you sit in your living room at home
Do you need to find a new spot
What are you sitting in

Type of chair matters

How many monitors are you using

Do you need a new one?
Do you need to add another?

You can’t be productive if you are distracted or uncomfortable

How do you work

What is your text editor of choice

Does it access FTP?
Do you work off of your local machine and upload via an FTP client like Filezilla?
How often are you checking your results.

Upload changes often and make minor tweaks along the way vs doing giant loads of work and fine tuning later
How much time do you waste sweating the small problems vs waiting until the end of the day – or even the project – to move pixels

Are you taking time to update your software?

Very important, especially if you are using wordpress
Checking for theme and plugin updates can be the difference between a hacked site and a site that loads quickly and efficiently

Biggest question


Biggest distractions:

In home


Tv or phone

Office setting

Disorganized business

Random meetings
Too much watercooler talk

How do you fix the issues

Force yourself to take time – maybe 5 minutes a day – to organize your desk, clean up your computer desktop, reorganize files and folders

On top of basic housekeeping ask yourself this: Can I improve myself

Are you keeping up on current topics in design and development
Are you trying new resources