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The Book of Revelation- Written Early or Late? James Rochford vs Dr. Dean Furlong
March 23, 2021

If you ever saw the Hank Hanegraaff vs Mark Hitchcock debate... will be excited to hear that we have been working on and have scheduled James Michael Rochford and Dean Furlong to debate the DATE OF REVELATION.    This may impact one's vie

Open Theism and The End of the Timeless God with Will Duffy and RT Mullins
January 10, 2021

You can find both of these gentlemen on facebook if you have any questions for them!   You can find Will Duffy's work on You can find RT Mullins work from his podcast to his books to his videos and articles at

“The worlds oldest Bible is a replica: Simonides the scribe.” James Snapp, Jr. vs Steven Avery
January 08, 2021

“The worlds oldest Bible is a replica: Simonides the scribe.” James Snapp, Jr. vs Steven Avery In this episode Steven Avery and James Snapp, Jr. debate the thesis “The worlds oldest Bible is a replica: Simonides the scribe.” Steven will take th

Critical Text ONLY???-
December 06, 2020

In this episode Steven Avery and Nick Sayers join myself to have a roundtable discussion on the critical text position.   James Snapp, Jr. jumps on the livestream and brings up some real challenges to the idea of a forgery and engages Steven Ave

Foreknowledge & Is Calvinism Fatalism?- Brian Wagner, PhD
November 29, 2020

Foreknowledge & Is Calvinism Fatalism?- Brian Wagner, PhD   In this episode Brian Wagner, PhD and I discuss the intricacies of foreknowledge vs fatalism and how Calvinism is actually Fatalistic in its teaching.    I know that's a m

Jody Dillow- Calvinism, Free Grace Soteriology, and YOUR Rewards in eternity
October 29, 2020

Final Destiny- Find the link to the excellent scholarly work by Dr. Jody Dillow here.  There is a ton of information on these very subjects.  Calvinism and Free Grace Theology seem to butt heads on

TALKING CALVINISM with Kevin Thompson (Beyond the Fundamentals)
July 05, 2020

In this episode I am talking to fellow-podcaster Kevin Thompson about the problems with calvinism. We seek to ask and answer some of the tough questions about calvinism.  Here are two links to the video we reviewed.

The Purgatory Debate- Josh Gibbs (Free Grace) vs Mathew Broderick (Catholic)
July 05, 2020

Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory?  Do Christians go to a place called purgatory where they atone for sins not covered by the blood of Jesus? Does this impact the gospel in any way?  The doctrine of justification seems to be directly impacted by the C

~ Eschatology Debate ~ (Pre-Millennialism) Joshua Gibbs vs Stacy Turbeville (Full Preterist) The End Times
June 14, 2020

Are we living in the new heavens and new earth right now? Has Jesus come back? Is the Devil still around and active on this earth? Did the Great Tribulation already occur and was Nero the AntiChrist? When was the book of Revelation written?    T

The Eucharist Debate- Free Grace (Joshua Gibbs) vs Catholicism (Mathew Broderick)
May 31, 2020

In this episode we are debating the Eucharist. It is a totally open-ended topic that can go any direction each debater would like to take it. As a Free Grace Christian I will make an argument against the historical problems with the Eucharist, trans-subst