Talk About Love

Talk About Love

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Ep 4- Questioning, Part Two “Opening The Box”
February 04, 2019

In part two of the series on questioning identity, three guests talk about their experiences of exploring their identities while[...]

003- Questioning, Part One "Oh... Gender Stuff?"
November 27, 2018

Two guests talk about how they came to realize they are gender nonbinary and how their lives have changed since[...]

002- Polyamory Origin Stories
October 29, 2018

What is your origin story? How did you become the person you are today and what shaped or inspired you[...]

Ep 1- The Importance of Self-Love
September 24, 2018

Why is self-love so difficult for some of us? Why is it so important? What would life be like if[...]

Ep 0- Series Introduction
September 12, 2018

Talk About Love has officially arrived! Listen to the series introduction to learn more about the show’s creator and the[...]