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Episode 60 – Is There in Truth No Beauty?
January 19, 2021

We are back with a “new” episode!  This one was recorded during the spring of 2019, so some events might be a bit out of context.  But we’ve recorded a few more so this is only the beginning… of the return…. of Talk Trek!

Pre-Episode 60 Chit Chat
March 15, 2019

Quick update on Talk Trek

Episode 58 – The Paradise Syndrome
February 05, 2019

Wow, has it been a long time.  So much has happened since this episode was recorded back in January 2015.  We should probably do a little “what’s new” episode soon.  There has been so much as can be expected in four years.

Episode 59 – And the Children Shall Lead
July 07, 2015

And we’re back from another long hiatus.  And to prove it, we’ve released episode 59 before 58!  So, how about them children?  Let’s find out as a group of children in some far off corner of the galaxy take control of the Enterprise from its rightful c...

Episode 57 – The Enterprise Incident
December 30, 2014

Acting apparently restless and irrational, Captain Kirk inexplicably orders the Enterprise into Romulan space where the ship is quickly captured by the enemy and Kirk held captive aboard their flagship. Products and Ideas mentioned in this episode: Rac...

Episode 56 – Spock’s Brain
November 30, 2014

Spock has lost his brain.  What an adventure the crew will take in order to secure the controller to its rightful skull.  Join us as we travel with the Enterprise to the Sigma Draconis system and battle some Eymorgs to restore stability and progress to...

Episode 55 – Assignment: Earth
November 14, 2014

I think this is the longest break we’ve ever taken…  This episode was recorded back on March 6, 2013, over 20 months ago.  In that same vein, the Enterprise travels back to 1968 to meet the great Gary Seven!

Episode 54 – Bread and Circuses
February 17, 2013

After another long break for some reason, we are back.  And as gladiators fight and die for what they believe in, so must we trod on towards another circus with a handful of bread.  Join us as we follow the crew of the Enterprise as they discover plane...

Episode 53 – The Ultimate Computer
December 09, 2012

Have you ever been replaced by a computer at work? Maybe even a tablet? Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same as the Enterprise tests a computer that, if successful, could replace Kirk as the captain.

Talk Trek Reunion Show – 2012
January 13, 2012

As you are all aware, it had been a while since we last released an episode of Talk Trek.  Last week, before the release of Episode 52, we decided to sit down amongst the four of us and discuss some random topics from 2011.