Nu Pod with Joshua Toomey & Ro Kohli

Nu Pod with Joshua Toomey & Ro Kohli

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"System Of A Down are a Huge Influence To This Day" | Johannes Eckerström (AVATAR)
December 05, 2023

Johannes Eckerstrmof Avatar sat down with Joshua Toomey and Nu Pod at Louder Than Life. Johannes takes the Nu Metal Bracket Challenge. He talks about getting into Nu Metal a little later in his life and the wrestling connection with his taste. Johannes

Incubus and Pantera Concert Reviews + Saint Agnes Interview
August 05, 2023

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Nu Pod. In this installment, your hosts Joshua Toomey and Ro Kohli dive into recent Incubus and Pantera shows that Toomey attended.First up, Incubus! Joshua dives headfirst into the alternative rock goodness as

San Diego Comic-Con, Knotfest Nu Champ, Cypress Hill Orchestra & Freddy Garza (A Way Out) Interview!"
July 29, 2023

First up, Joshua and Ro are taking you straight to the heart of the action at San Diego Comic-con, where Ro speaks on this year's festivities. How did the writers strike effect the Con and the vibe of the building. Ro also talks about having Lacuna Coil d

NU POD | Wes Borland Buying a Toothbrush & Random Rock Star Encounters with Matt Naas of Roach Koach
July 22, 2023

Joshua Toomey is joined by Matt Naas of the Roach Koach Podcast to discuss listener's random Rock Star encounters while Ro Kohli is on assignment at San Diego Comic-Con. First up the guys talk about the Knotfest Nu Metal Bracket Challenge update and the t

Nu Pod | Nu Metal Showdown: Best Album Ever?
July 15, 2023

Welcome to a special episode of Nu Pod, the ultimate destination for all things nu-metal. In this electrifying installment, hosts Joshua Toomey and Ro Kohli embark on a daring mission to determine the  Knotfest BRACKET CHALLENGE: BEST NU METAL ALBUM OF AL

Nu Pod | Snot's Get Some with Mikey Doling
July 08, 2023

Welcome to Nu Pod, the ultimate podcast for all things nu-metal. In this episode, hosts Joshua Toomey and Ro Kohli sit down with the legendary guitarist Mikey Doling, best known for his work with the band Snot, to dive deep into their groundbreaking recor

Nu Pod | Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire's Top 5 Nu Metal Albums
July 01, 2023

Ro starts the show with a tribute to his friend that passed away and the guys talk about losing people too early in life. Toomey then talks about his recent interview with Matty Mullins and how cool the hotel staff were with his requests to move furniture

Nu Pod | Megan Targett of Vexed's Top 5 Nu Metal Records
June 24, 2023

Join us for an in-depth interview with Megan Targett, the powerhouse vocalist of the metal band Vexed, as we dive into the world of Nu Metal and explore the genre's iconic records. From chart-topping hits to groundbreaking releases, we'll discuss the esse

Nu Pod | Staind's Break The Cycle with Jon Wysocki
June 17, 2023

In this episode of Nu Pod, we delve into the making of Staind's iconic album "Break the Cycle" with drummer Jon Wysocki. Jon takes us on a journey through the writing process, making videos, and touring with Limp Bizkit. Join us as we explore the stories

Nu Pod | Was There Any Nu at Milwaukee Metal Fest and an Interview with Jeremiah Mayhem of Concrete Dream
June 10, 2023

Toomey and Ro start the show with one question, was there any Nu at The Milwaukee Metal Fest? Ro recaps his trip to the festival and gives his thoughts on the bands that played. The Biohazard reunion was the talk of the town and the guys go in depth about