Talk of the Tome Podcast

Talk of the Tome Podcast

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#14: Postmortem
January 11, 2016

They say you learn the most from your failures. For this, the final episode of Talk of the Tome, Dylan and Timothy turn inward and hold a project postmortem to decide what they're going to learn from making a projection-mapped pop-up book which, by most a

#13: How To Make An Interactive Pop-up Book
January 10, 2016

This is the one were I give you some advice. Say you want to make a projection-mapped pop-up book. Say you want to set out and make something like what I made for Tome of the Seashore, only better. What are the kinds of things you should know before start

#12: Traditional v. Programatic Animation
January 04, 2016

It's an episode dedicated solely to the animations in Tome of the Seashore. Twelve down, only two more to go!

#11: Music and Sound Design
December 27, 2015

It's another solo episode! Dylan talks about using music and sound effects, how to find and fine-tune the different elements of a soundtrack for a project, and later shares his workflows for writing music on both Windows and Mac OS X.

#10: Text and Typography
December 27, 2015

After a month-and-a-half hiatus, Dylan is back for a solo episode. On this episode's agenda: how to choose fonts, how typography can be used as a storytelling tool, and the importance of CYOB.

#9: Major Story Surgery
November 12, 2015

Despite many important updates bursting at the seems, clamoring for attention, Tim and Dylan spend the whole episode talking about the story.

#8: Secret Episode Number Eight
November 02, 2015

Sometimes we make mistakes that are impossible to put back together. Other times, we stick the landing only to find that while we were in mid-air a crocodile got transported right behind us.Yes, I mixed my metaphors. Don't worry about it, that's not impor

#7: Pull-up Resistors (and a TouchDesigner Thing)
October 25, 2015

After a failed discussion of circuit design, Tim learns about how awesome Arduino’s are while Dylan talks about abusing his body for art. Then, Tim considers drawing a lustful tree and Dylan hates Christmas. Surprisingly, no singing ensues.

#6: Each Page Is a Circuit
October 22, 2015

A status update of sorts. In between coughing and guzzling cold medicine, Dylan engineered a way to read page turns and Timothy really likes trees. Not much editing here because reasons.

#5: Dual Booting, Microcontrollers, and Web Ads
October 14, 2015

Dylan recounts his thrilling tale of installing Windows on a Macintosh, Timothy learns about microcontrollers, and the world gets yet another discussion about how bad web ads are. Much singing ensues. The world needed this extended edition!