Tales of the Voidfarer

Tales of the Voidfarer

Latest Episodes

6.1: Independent Study
November 16, 2021

Marco, Flapwing, and Rav'nys arrive at an ancient Kraatorian library.

Whale of a Party: LIVE from Con on the Cob 2021
October 20, 2021

A LIVE one-shot from Con on the Cob 2021 with special guests Justin Curry, Juice Lee, and Cliff B.

October 05, 2021

The cast discuss Chapter 5 and answer fan questions.

5.7: Trust & Tragedy
September 21, 2021

Marco, Luckbeak, and Rav'nys unpack their recent trauma.

5.6: Dopplegänged
September 07, 2021

Marco, Luckbeak, and Rav'nys chase down an imposter.

5.5: Brig and Bold
August 17, 2021

With Luckbeak stuck in the brig, Rav'nys and Marco investigate.

5.4: Alibi Design
July 22, 2021

Marco, Rav'nys, and Luckbeak continue their murder investigation.

5.3: Murder Most Fowl
July 06, 2021

When a crewmate turns up dead, Luckbeak, Rav'nys, and Marco are asked to investigate.

5.2: Cats, Cake, & Crow
June 16, 2021

The Voidfarer sets a course for N'Dir Anchorage before their next mission.

Feed Drop: Fables Around The Table: Tiffany
June 01, 2021

Feed Drop for the newest season of Fables Around the Table, playing Bluebeard's Bride.