Tales from A Butterfly

Tales from A Butterfly

“London:The Bridge that Builds...” Episode #108

May 25, 2020

Mysz London Ward founded Snob Nail salon and Snob Nail Education Training Center AFTER walking away from a lucrative nursing career and taking care of her childrens' father who suffered a traumatic brain injury and going back and forth to the hospital with her youngest daughter due to her cerebral palsy diagnoses. She was willing to face all of her obstacles head on because her soul told her she could no longer build someone else's dream...she had to build her own. And once she did, she made it her mission to produce young black entrepreneurs and create an impact on the positive side of the beauty industry through educated, skillful nail techs. 
London Ward is the bridge for those that need help getting over their obstacles to get to their entrepreneurial purpose.

Snob Nails Website-https://www.snobnailsindustry.com/
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