Tails from the Dark Dragons Inn

Tails from the Dark Dragons Inn

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Not dead – Just sleeping
July 24, 2019

It's the hiatus-extendo-hiatus-part-2-the-infinatusing

The early-mid-year hiatus
May 13, 2019

Unfortunately, health has taken its toll on productivity this year. I could potentially keep pushing to try and get episodes edited in time for release, but truthfully, I don't think I can manage it right now. -

Season Two: Episode Twenty-Nine
April 28, 2019

You might notice this episode is a touch different in that it's a little unfinished (In terms of intro/outro). - Torn between releasing today or in a few days when my voice maybe comes back, I decided I'd release today instead. -

Season Two: Episode Twenty-Eight: The more you know
April 14, 2019

When you enter the Dark dragons inn this evening, there's no one to greet you at the door. Unusual though it is, you make your way to a table. It is there, you see a familiar face on stage

Season Two: Episode Twenty-Seven : Movement in dark places
March 31, 2019

Identity...We put so much value in the individual but what does it mean simply, to be?

Season Two: Episode Twenty-Six : The depths of Baldur’s Gate
March 17, 2019

Understand, that as hard as we tried to be heroes. Sometimes...we were just people. Afraid. And in the dark.

Season Two: Episode Twenty-Five: One step closer
March 03, 2019

The party learns more from the brotherhood of the iron tree and meets an informant close to the Duke

Season Two: Episode Twenty-Four: Lessons Hard Learned
February 17, 2019

Making amends isn't something that comes easy to the unpredictable Scales of Justice crew; and it's sometimes the hardest pill to swallow.

Season Two: Episode Twenty-Three: The turning tide
February 03, 2019

Our heroes, separated, continue their investigations. As they get closer to learning more, the time for action comes with haste

Welcome to 2019
January 03, 2019

Updates on the future of the show and the release of the next episode