Tag Team Report Pro Wrestling Podcast

Tag Team Report Pro Wrestling Podcast

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April 08, 2016

TTR goes LIVE for the first time as we try out fa…

TTR Hall Of Shame
April 02, 2016

TTR opens the doors to the TTR hall of fame, or i…

Shane Reaction
March 19, 2016

Dollar, Dollar we go a special guest joining us t…

Roadblocks Won't Stop TTR
March 12, 2016

Roadblocks Won't Stop TTR by Tag Team Report

We Can't Make This Up
February 27, 2016

Eric is out sick so its up to Rick and Carlos to …

Tag Team Report Fastlane With VKM
February 19, 2016

This week Bray Wyatt is in our studio with a spec…

Leggo Of My Arm!
February 13, 2016

Tag Team Report says so long to Daniel Bryan. Al…

Tag Team Report - Tag Team Asylum
February 06, 2016

And we're back with another fun week in pro-wrest…

Sunday Funday
January 31, 2016

Rick and Carlos recap the royal rumble. Eric mig…

Tag Team Report - It's Always Sunny At The Rumble
January 23, 2016

This week we have a special guest in the studio a…