Systema For Life

Systema For Life

Episode 73: Scott Meredith

February 22, 2019

This week, a spirited conversation with author, technologist, Tai Chi Instrcutor, and Systema devotee Scott Meredith.  Scott is the co-author and editor of Vladimir Vasiliev's phenomenal trilogy of Systema books - Let Every Breath, Strikes: Soul Meets Body, and Edge. As such, he has enjoyed the rare privilege of many hours, days, and weeks in the company of mastery, and has much to say about just how unique Systema is as a martial training methodology.

Here, we discuss:

- How he found his way to Systema, and helped to spread the word worldwide
- How he views the books, and the process by which he wrote them with the Vasilievs
- His sense of awe and admiration in working with Vladimir
- How he juggles a high-tech job and life with personal practice

Purchase the superb new book, Edge online (along with Strikes, and Let Every Breath) at

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