Sweet Buzz - Scaling a Digital B2B Business With Dancho Dimkov

Sweet Buzz - Scaling a Digital B2B Business With Dancho Dimkov

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#219 A New Tweak In Our Outreach Framework
September 08, 2023

Whether you're a sales enthusiast, a business owner, or someone looking to improve your lead-generation strategies, this episode is for YOU!As a semi-retired person, I'm excited to share my personal journey in the world of sales consultancy. I&#3

#218 Entrepreneurial Freedom vs Routines
September 05, 2023

I used to crave freedom as an entrepreneur, but it came with its own set of limitations. However, I've come to see my son's school schedule as a hidden blessing. It's given me an anchor and a chance to establish new routines. I've taken th

#217 Family Moments and Business Wonders
September 01, 2023

Even though it might get a bit noisy, I'm happy to share some recent news and updates with you. It's September 1st, and we're officially entering the fourth quarter of 2023. Can you believe it? August was a whirlwind for us as we welcomed ten

#216 I'm Looking For A Coachable Sales Closer
August 29, 2023

Can you believe it's already August 29th? Time is going by so fast. So, I've got something to share with you today. Last week, I took on a triathlon and crossed the finish line. Even with a rib injury. It was tough, but I made it. At BizzBee, we&#

#215 I Either Win or Learn
August 18, 2023

Its Friday, and Im back with a brand new story to share. So, whats the topic for today? Failure. Yeah, you heard me right. Failure and how we all tend to come up with excuses for not getting things done. But wait, Ive got a story for you. Remember my

#214 What Is The Most Important Decision In Your Life?
August 11, 2023

Im recording this while on a ferry, running late, but I have something important to share. Im thrilled about my upcoming birthday trip to the Greek island of Thasos with my family. My wife is in for a surprise because I usually plan special trips for he

#213 The One Big Domino That Aligns All Of The Rest
August 08, 2023

Ive got a quick insight to share. Ive been knee-deep in a consultancy project with a German startup, helping them develop their platform.But heres the kicker during a conversation with the CEO, a serial entrepreneur, something intriguing came up. We

#212 What I’ve Learned From a Marketing Guru
August 04, 2023

Ever wondered about the secret sauce behind crafting front-end assets that hook your audience? Intrigued? You should be!Today, Im inviting you to join me in unraveling the fascinating world of marketing strategies, but with a twist a sales perspective

#211 The Super Sweet Deals Are HERE!
August 01, 2023

Its August 1st, and Ive got some exciting news for you. This month, were all about Sweet Leads and digital delights! For the entire month, you can get the Kindle or audio version of Sweet Leads for only 1. Whether you love reading on the beach or

#210 Well-Being Affects Your Productivity And Performance
July 28, 2023

Can you believe its already the end of July? Time flies! Its Friday, and the weather is scorching outside. I cant help but dream of going to the beach and taking a refreshing swim. Anyhow, lets get back to reality. Ive been working hard to make thi