Sweating The Small Stuff

Sweating The Small Stuff

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023 - The Tattooed Gravity Queen: How Do You Get Real Science In SciFi?!
July 15, 2019

An Intro to SciFi Consulting on your favorite shows with Dr Erin Mac Donald!

Bonus - Jurassic World: Dinos Not Hot
July 12, 2019

Goofing on Dinos with your Personal Mind Fiend

022 - Jurassic Park: How Not To Treat Your Staff
July 08, 2019

The importance of being good to your employees

021 - Toy Story 4: Pixar's Journey To Visual Mastery
July 01, 2019

What's it take to make a life like cat?!

020 - Jurassic Park: Who Should Inspect The Park?
June 24, 2019

Why John Hammond is Bad at Hiring Staff

Bonus - Men In Black: Are The MIB A Police State?!
June 21, 2019

Men In Black International just blew this wide open!

019 - Black Mirror: The Social Trap
June 17, 2019

Your Privacy 's Been Blown To Smithereens!

018 - Matt Basta: Building Pinecast From Scratch!
June 10, 2019

One Mans Journey Bringing Podcasting to the Masses

Bonus - The Adventure Zone: Mountain Mechanics
June 06, 2019

What Happens When You Drop A Mountain Out Of The Sky?!

017 - John Wick: Carrier Pigeons vs Basic Encryption?
June 03, 2019

Does owning a Nokia 8800 make you lethal?!