Sweating The Small Stuff

Sweating The Small Stuff

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035 - The Good Place: Do you Know The Real Cost Of Your Actions?
October 07, 2019

A Lesson From The Good Place On Unintended Consequences For The Past 500 Years

034 - Matt Brady: A Better Way To Teach, Powered by Pop Culture
September 30, 2019

Getting serious with TheScienceOf

033 - Indiana Jones And The Crumbling Crusade
September 23, 2019

Traps take time that the Templar's don't have....

032 - Indiana Jones: And The Temple Of Doomed Design
September 16, 2019

Some puzzles are easier to solve than others...

031 - Indiana Jones: How to Booby Trap Your Golden Idol
September 09, 2019

Pro Tip: Don't Use A Giant Boulder

029 - Dr Wiley, Dr Eggman, Elon Musk: Mad, Scientist, Or Engineer
August 26, 2019

Who's more mad than Elon Musk? And is Doc Brown really a Scientist?

028 - Amelia Robert: "Your Commute is Killing You!"
August 19, 2019

The real cost of commuting

027 - Spiderman Far From Home: Marvel's Double Standard
August 12, 2019

Don't Build Killer Drones And Call It Peace Keeping

026 - Into The Spider-verse: Are Drones Killing The Superhero Industry?
August 05, 2019

The importance of drone laws for superheroes?!