Sweating The Small Stuff

Sweating The Small Stuff

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053 - The Democr-App-tic Process
February 10, 2020

Mixing Technology and Democracy

052 - Star Wars: Not Quite SciFi
February 03, 2020

It's not SciFi, or fantasy, or a space opera, or a western. It's so much more

051 - 1917: J.R.R. Tolkein's Blueprint for The Lord of the Rings
January 27, 2020

Learn how a horrific war influenced a timeless adventure

050 - Star Trek: Replicate This
January 20, 2020

Replicators and the future of 3D printing

049 - The Imitation Game, Chris Klesges, and the real Alan Turing
January 13, 2020

The movie tries its best, but barely scratches the surface of Mr Turing's Incredible achievements

048 - Jesse Buonanno: Card Games, Crypto Currencies, and the Future of Digital Assets
January 06, 2020

What can we learn when we add Blockchain to Loot Boxes?

047 - Scott Holmdahl and the Future of Music
December 30, 2019

Synthetic Sounds, Engineers, and AI

046 - Stranger Things: How To Make Iconic Sounds
December 23, 2019

The Origin of the Constructed Sounds Behind Your Favorite Moments

045 - Eboné Bell: Building The Things That Matter To You
December 16, 2019

A Journey of Representation

044 - The Mandalorian: Adventures In Immersive Storytelling
December 09, 2019

Using new stories to enrich old content