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#30.What Is 80/20 Training?
May 01, 2020

This month we discuss 80/20 training or polarise training. This is where you train 80% of the time at a slow twitch fibre pace and 20% of the time at a fast twitch fibre pace. We work this type of training in conjunction with our last podcast ‘The 180 ...

#29.The 180 Formula
March 21, 2020

If I was to ask you that in a single session I could make you healthier, burn FAT and decrease your stress levels, would you? Dr Phil Maffetone’s ‘THE 180 FORMULA’ is the foundation on which I launched Paddle 2 Fitness and what we have used to train hu...

#28.Race Starts
February 21, 2020

A race start can make or break your race. In this month’s podcast we discuss warm ups, starting techniques and how much effort you should put into your start. Happy paddling, Coach

#27.Downwind Angles
February 01, 2020

On this month’s Paddle 2 Fitness Podcast we help you understand how far an angle you should turn when your paddling in a downwind. We give you a vision of an old fashioned clock face, which will help you on where to look and turn your craft.

#26.Paddle or Leg Leash?
December 02, 2019

Which is better: a paddle leash or a leg leash? Are they both safe or is one more unsafe than the other? In this month’s Paddle 2 Fitness Podcast we discuss the advantages and disadvantages in using both the paddle leash and the leg leash.

#25.Paddling Into The Wind
September 26, 2019

In this month’s Paddle 2 Fitness Podcast, we talk about the slight adjustments for you to be more efficient when paddling into the wind. I was taught this by Dean Gardner almost 30 years ago and now teach it to my paddlers.

#24.Paddling Over Boat Wash
September 02, 2019

On this month’s Paddle 2 Fitness Podcast we discuss how to paddle over boat washes. Paddlers make a number of common errors when these small, closely compacted swells go under their paddling craft. We will explain how your paddle stroke can be adjusted...

#23.Foot Peddle Angle
July 23, 2019

Foot peddle angle is one of the common things paddler’s overlook. If incorrect, it can affect your balance, footplate contact, leg drive as well as your ability to turn. This month we discuss the right and wrong angles and what happens if your foot ped...

#22.Differing Leg Lengths
June 27, 2019

On this month’s Surf Ski Coach Podcast we ask you to see if you have one leg longer than the other. If the answer is yes, we give you a couple of ways to work this out as well as a simple solution.

#21 Improving Your Posture
May 25, 2019

In every sport, perfect posture is key. With perfect posture the body can generate and transfer power from perfect technique into speed. In this month’s Surf Ski Coach podcast, we explain what is poor posture,