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Paddle 2 Fitness

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#40.Seat Pads
July 01, 2021

Adding a seat pad to your craft’s seat can do a number of positive thing. It can put your body in a better biomechanical position by increase body height above the water to give you more power and ang

#39.Wash Riding
May 02, 2021

Wash Riding is a great training and racing skill which should be learnt in a safe environment with fellow paddlers. There are three different wash riding positions which we discuss in this podcast as

April 02, 2021

Over the years of our podcasts, we have broken everything down into its parts. Now its time to bring them all together and discuss the importance of timing. Our focus is to get the correct sequence and ensure that the paddle is our first movement follo...

#37.Craft Upgrade
March 04, 2021

When purchasing your first or upgrading your craft, its not as simply as just jumping up a model at the same weight as your current craft. A craft’s width and weight will make a massive difference with balance and you ability to be able to paddle with ...

#36.Does A Shorter Leg Length Equal More Power?
February 02, 2021

As a coach of may years, I get this question a lot. While the question itself is simple, simply shortening your leg length to gain more power is not the answer. Like with all our podcasts, its a more efficient technique which will result in you shorten...

#35.Keeping Downward Pressure
December 02, 2020

This month we discuss what paddlers mean when they say “keep downward pressure in both hands as the paddle goes through the water”. We explain the difference between a ‘parallel’ action and a ‘U’ action and give you the best technique drill so you know...

#34.Where should I be looking?
November 01, 2020

In this month’s podcast we discuss where you should be looking while paddling and why. Looking in the wrong direction or place can affect your technique, balance and efficiency. If looking in the right place,

October 01, 2020

This month we discuss how to brace. Bracing is a skill that assists you with balance and control of your ski when you’re resting on a swell / wave. It is a very important skill to master and we trust this podcast will help you understand and put into p...

#32.What Blade Size Should I Be Using?
September 02, 2020

On this month’s podcast we are discussing paddle / blade size. What size you should have and how you can work out how to find it. For us its all about ‘feel’ in the water and we will explain how you can find this feel to make sure you have the right bl...

#31.Why You Should Do A Warm Up
June 01, 2020

In this month’s podcast we discuss why its important to be doing a proper warm before any race, time trail or sold training session. The aim of a warm up is to prepare the body for what its about to do. Our Paddle 2 Fitness 25min warm up,