Support For Survivors

Support For Survivors

A Champion for Children

July 30, 2020

Host Shaunestte Terrell talks with Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Hoffman about his work holding perpetrators of child sexual and physical abuse accountable for their actions. Eric talks about a few cases that made a big impact on his career and the role that all adults have in protecting children from abuse.

Eric Hoffman is the prosecuting attorney for Delaware County, Indiana. He initially joined the Delaware County Prosecutor’s office as a law clerk in 2001 and has served the office in a variety of roles throughout the past nineteen years. Eric prosecutes most homicide cases and other selected crimes of violence including sexual abuse of adults and children. He has become active in both enforcing and improving Indiana’s failure to report child abuse and neglect statute. Eric serves as the Chairman of the Regional Child Fatality Review Committee and is a member of the Indiana Statewide Child Fatality Review Committee.

Host- Shaunestte Terrell


Guest- Eric Hoffman