Simple Mode

Simple mode allows you to set only a few settings and get your podcast feed live quickly. For Advanced mode settings see PowerPress Settings Explained.


Integrate Blubrry services – Click the blue bar to configure your site with Free Statistics, Standard Statistics or Blubrry Media Hosting. Sign in using your login.

Remove statistics from WordPress dashboard – Check the box to remove the statistics display from your  WordPress dashboard.

Podcast settings

Program title – Put your show’s title here as you would like it to show up in podcatchers (including iTunes); leave it blank to use blog title.

iTunes Settings

iTunes program subtitle – Write a quick description of your show for iTunes.

iTunes program summary – Up to 4,000 characters (no HTML) to describe your show.

iTunes category Required – Set this to the category that best fits your show’s topic.

iTunes email Required – iTunes will email this address when your podcast is accepted into the iTunes Directory.

iTunes explicit – Select “No” if you do not discuss explicit content or use swear words in your show.  Select “Yes” if you do either of the above.

Artwork and Images

iTunes image Required – iTunes image must be at least 1,400 x 1,400 pixels in .jpg or .png format. iTunes image must not exceed 3,000 x 3,000 pixels and must use RGB color space. A square 1400 x 1400 pixel image in .jpg format is recommended. This image is for your listing on the iTunes podcast directory and may also be used by other directories such as Blubrry. It is not the artwork that is displayed during episode playback — that artwork needs to be saved into the media file in the form of tags (ID3 tags for mp3) following the production of the media file.
Note: If you change the iTunes image without changing the file name, it might take some time (days or even months) for iTunes to update the image in the iTunes Podcast Directory. Please contact iTunes Support if you are having issues with your image changes not appearing in iTunes.

Upload new image (Using this option should update your image on iTunes within 24 hours)
Blog Posts and Pages

Display media and links – Use this setting to control where your player shows up in your post. You can also turn this to Disable and use the PowerPress shortcode “” to place your player exactly where you would like it to show up.

Display media / links in: WordPress Excerpts (e.g. search results) – Set this if you are using the excerpts on your post page and want the player to show on that page.

Having issues? Use this option if you are having problems with the players not appearing on some or all of your pages. There are four different “yes” settings.  Test by loading your post after clearing your cache on your browser between setting changes.