Podcast2Radio Player

As a podcaster, you know how important a player can be to the listener. That’s why Blubrry and StreamGuys have provided an embedable (HTML5) player that allows you to essentially ‘syndicate’ your stream to other websites for Podcast2Radio. The player is a convenient and easily embedded content-sharing opportunity through websites that benefit by your content within their site while maximizing your exposure to their site users.

Audio or video on a webpage is intriguing, right? Well, research shows that users are going to stick around three times longer on your page than they would have without that audio or video piece. That’s right, they see that player and hang out on your website longer.

Deciding Where to Put This Embed Player

We recommend you start by considering the top 20 sites in your ‘genre’ of podcasting. For example, a faith-based podcast could reach out to sites that share its denomination or values. Content creators can then encourage similar sites to put the player on their site. Stress that this is NOT a link away from their site, but rich media content that will play within their site 24/7 and be constantly updated without them having to do anything after embedding the player prominently on their site. Don’t forget to mention that fact.

Where to Find the URL for Your Player:

Find your embed in the Blubrry dashboard. In the “Distribution” section of the dashboard, you can find your embed link under Podcast2Radio. Use this link to gain even more exposure for your show.