SUE Speaks Podcast: Searching for Unity in Everything

SUE Speaks Podcast: Searching for Unity in Everything

14 | GILES HUTCHINS – Chairman of The Future Fit Leadership Academy

January 06, 2021


Giles Hutchins, who is at the forefront of a necessary revolution, advises business leaders, coaches teams, guest lectures at leading universities and business schools and is a keynote speaker at conferences. He uses consciousness-raising techniques including deep-dive nature immersions, as he is informed by ancient wisdom traditions and cutting-edge research, to help business leaders deal with making their organizations vibrant and future-fit. Giles is Chairman of The Future Fit Leadership Academy, a community of forward-thinking practitioners. Also, he is lead partner of The Natural Business Partnership, co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation, co-founder of, and partner/associate with several pioneering organizations that include The Global Leaders Academy and The Laszlo New Paradigm Research Institute. His blog is The Nature of Business, and he’s written four books: The Nature of Business (2012), The Illusion of Separation (2014), Future Fit (2016) and Regenerative Leadership co-authored with Laura Storm (2019). He holds an MSc in Business Systems, a BSc in Finance, Valuation and Property, a post graduate diploma in Advanced Leadership, Global Leadership Development GOLD certification, and an Advanced Coaching certification. He is an Analytic Coaching Network practitioner, trained in Human Emergence Framework, Solonomic and 5 Deep Holistic Leadership, and Way of Council, and he is a certified Reiki Master. He lives and works at Springwood Farm, 60 acres of ancient and semi-ancient woodlands and wild-flower meadows in Sussex, England, where his leadership immersion centre inspires shifts in consciousness that result in organizations becoming “future-fit.” 

Giles Hutchins website
The Future Fit Leadership Academy website
Giles’s TEDx Talk

Giles’s mission: “Help humanity reconnect with nature’s wisdom, and in particular by activating the logic–of–life for leaders.”

Giles’s one-line message to the world: “What is within us is within everything. And let’s learn to open our eyes, our ears, and our body-mind to the song-lines and the synchronicities of life so that we learn to read the book of life, to co-create and participate with the book of life, and in so doing step into what it means to be truly human.”

The SUE Speaks Blog Post about Giles Hutchins

Talking points from this episode

  • Need for new vision for humanity
  • Change education to be transformative — “bringing forth what is within us”
  • How nature works to motivate humanity
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who say that “If you want to build a ship, don’t assign people tasks or break the, up into teems, Instead, teach them to long for the immensity of the sea.”  
  • The mythos and the logos — A story of separation shifting into a story of reconnection and regeneration
  • Don’t use yesterday’s logic (top down, mechanistic, masculine) to solve today’s issues 
  • Leadership development — connecting with natural world and their deeper nature. Working with root cause. Kindness pervading the world.
  • Simple practices that enable us to open-up and deepen self-discovery — sitting around the campfire  
  • How interconnected everything is — since Einstein, Max Plank, and David Bohm, participating in a field of consciousness rather than self-preservation/self-maximization  
  • A trip through history. First, we were attuned to nature.
  • 300-400 years ago started a mechanistic approach, story of separation – focus on parts and not whole
  • Wave of change last 20 years –from maximizing shareholder returns to enhancing stakeholder value (all of us).
  • Approaches to organizations and social systems and political structures to enhance a new way
  • Anne Baring: lunar to solar (from being in nature to supplicating to God outside ourselves) – background that we need to understand
  • Donella Meadows: worldview is where we make the most leverage for system change
  • Regenerative Leadership — living-systems logic – learning to be in right relation to life, not stuffing in behavior top down but emerge from within  
  • Jesus: If we bring forth what is within us, then will save us. If we don’t bring forth what is within us, it will destroy us. Racism, Trumpism.  
  • Circles of Trust – senior leaders come together — deep listening
  • Parker J. Palmer, way of council
  • Change at leadership level leverages change.
  • Up against it helps us to change it.
  • Hero’s Journey: departure, separation, returning home. Now, returning home.  
  • Council of people? Yes! Use this podcast as uniter!!!!!
  • Pace of change accelerated last 30 years
  • Natural capacity of human being to love and be wise is basic, beyond left and right.
  • Path for Giles – learning from wise sources, follow your bliss, inner guidance
  • Wisdom starting to come into mainstream – open to sacredness of life and spirit all around us. Kairos — now is supreme moment in our history to be able to shift.
  • Schumacher College, Findhorn, Eden Project, Ervin Laszlo
  • Brian Swimme’s The Universe is a Green Dragon — the privilege of being human

“If Giles Ran the World,”
Summary by Suzanne Taylor, podcast host

If Giles ran the world education would be key. It would be about opening everyone up to the nature of human beingness from a perspective where we are expressions of nature as the fundamental engagement humanity is in, where love and gratitude and service would be our natural relationship to the cosmos. A very basic element Giles would deliver is to appreciate education from the angle of not what gets stuffed into people but from its derivation, which is to bring forth, and that would be people living from this goodness we are rooted in. Giles would tune everyone — particularly business leaders in his work — into “a longing for the immensity of the sea” as opposed to a passion for playing in materialism. Giles would get media to reflect this perspective and he’d have course material in business schools as well as teacher training at every level of educating so these ideas would be in play. He’d be looking for how to aid people to help them touch their true nature and to follow the threads of their destiny towards serving Life.