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The SuccessGrid Podcast

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Blockchain and Crypto Talk with Colin C. Thompson - SG58
October 16, 2021

Colin C. Thompson is a consultant with experience in information technology, supply chain management, and process excellence. He has been active in blockchain since 2017 and holds certifications in Bl

How To Make $600,000+ doing America’s Simplest Business with Brian Winch - SG57
October 09, 2021

Brian Winch is the founder and creator of Cleanlots. He’s been operating a parking lot clean up business since 1981. Articles have been written about his business in various publications such as Home

Further Faster in Business with Bill Flynn - SG56
October 02, 2021

Bill Flynn has pitched Steve Jobs, was tracked down by Alan Mulally - CEO of Ford/Boeing, failed many times, succeeded more than most, and has garnered many lessons from thirty years of studying the s

Your Mindset and Beliefs with Rachel West - SG55
September 25, 2021

Rachel West is a Personal Growth Coach and the founder of Empowering Growth. She helps empower individuals to transform their lives, whether that be overcoming an addiction, self-sabotage, or releasin

How to Transform into Servant Leadership with Mialei Iske - SG54
September 18, 2021

Mialei Iske equips leaders to leave the expert role to become a genius leader through her group coaching program called Equip & Engage. Her extensive corporate and small business experience offers cou

How do you Drive Happiness at Work with Frank Smith - SG53
September 11, 2021

Frank Smith has been a business owner for 29+ years. Over this time, his passion has become creating a place where people like to come to work on Monday morning. He works with people and companies to

Build a Good Relationship with Rejections and Failures with Natsune Oki - SG52
September 08, 2021

Natsune Oki is a public speaker, author of the book The Game Of Self Domination, and a business consultant for foreign businesses providing digital marketing, branding, PR, and project management serv

Business Story and Value Ladder with Jason Fleagle - SG51
September 04, 2021

Jason Fleagle is the Founder and CEO of the growth consulting company Catalyst Brand Group, the Content Marketing Manager for one of the best marketing agencies in Silicon Valley, Motava, Partner & CM

Marketing Architecture to Get Your Business in Business and Grow with Angelo Ponzi - SG50
August 28, 2021

Angelo Ponzi works with startups to middle-market companies to build their brand story, conducting market research and creating long-term strategic plans, Angelo is the host of Business Growth Cafe po

From Couches to Cushion with Shawn Channell - SG49
August 21, 2021

Shawn Channell spent a decade struggling to create a career in sales. At that pivotal moment when he was ready to walk away and pursue a different career path something clicked. For the past sixteen y