Real Estate Agent Success Calls

Real Estate Agent Success Calls

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SC211 – Bob Sokoler. Second Career Agent Personally Sold 110 Homes Last Year, Loves Internet Leads, And Works With His Son.
July 07, 2020

Bob Sokoler and team sold 375 homes worth 90 million and earned 1.7 million in GCI. Bob talks about: his first career as a TV news reporter and anchorman, his second career as a real estate agent and first year production disappointment,

2020 Agent Success Summit Announcement – Free Ticket
June 24, 2020

How to get your free ticket to the 8th annual Agent Success Summit 2020 the online virtual training event for real estate agents with 21 national coaches. Just go to Agent Success Summit dot com.

SC210 – Michael Perna. How He Sold 183 Homes In One Year As A Solo Agent. Expired Listing Script That Results In Appointment 30% Of Time. Geographic Farm Power Postcard.
June 07, 2020

Michael Perna and team sold 601 homes worth 119 million and earned 3.8 million in GCI. Michael talks about: Only selling 3 homes his first 12 months. Being an average agent selling 12 to 15 homes for several years.

SC209: Ed Kaminsky. How To Build Confidence To List And Sell Million Dollar Luxury Homes. 3 Skills Ultra High End Sellers Require An Agent To Possess.
May 07, 2020

Ed Kaminsky sold 83 homes worth 180 million in one year (average price 2.1 million). Starting part time by working late evenings and early mornings. Knocking doors and cold calling phones to sell 17 homes his first full year.

SC208: Jessica Starr. Script For Listing Homes Remotely (Or Virtually). Script For Opening With Expired Listings. Script For Setting Expections With New Clients About Your Time Off Schedule.
April 04, 2020

Jessica Starr sold 176 homes worth 38 million in one year. Jessica talks about her 3 power scripts: 1) Get hired by sellers over-the-phone, 2) Open a dialog with expired listings, 3) Set expectations with clients at the first meeting about your schedul...

SC207: Jeff Glover. Personally Sold 100 Homes Annually For The Last Ten Years. How To Structure And Compensate A High Profit High Productivity Team Based On Prospecting. Best Expired Script To Set Appointment.
March 03, 2020

Jeff Glover personally sold 100 homes annually for the last ten years. Combined with his team, they sold 1000 homes worth 200 million in one year. Hear his best script for getting expired listings to set an appointment. Also,

SC206: “Mark Z” Zawaideh. 200 Open Houses His First Year and Secrets Learned. Best Expired Listing Appointment Setting Tie Down Question. Building A 100 Million Dollar Empire.
February 06, 2020

Mark Zawadeh with Mark Z Real Estate Experts sold 500 homes worth 100 million and earned 2.8 million in GCI in one year. Mark talks about: waiting tables and bartending at night while he worked real estate during the day,

Announcement: Solo Agent Summit 2020
January 07, 2020

Announcment: Solo Agent Summit (online virtual event) free tickets are now available at: Get free access today. 8 elite solo agents share how they average 4 to 8 home sales per month ... every month.

SC205: Tammy Hines. How She Gets $1 Radio Ads.
January 01, 2020

Tammy Mitchell Hines sold 357 homes worth 66 million and earned 1.4 million in GCI in one year. Tammy talks about selling 45 homes her first year and being named Rookie of the Year, how she sold 85 homes her fourth year before agreeing to hire her fir...

SC204: Hudson Warren. How To Build An Agent To Agent Referral Business.
December 05, 2019

Hudson Warren sold 111 homes last year worth 28 million. Hudson talks about how he built an agent-to-agent referral practice that brings in referrals from all over the country (and even internationally) and accounted for 50% of his business last year.