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Strength to Strength

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Serving the King in Mexico by Josué Moreno
March 26, 2022

Strength to Strength welcomed Josué Moreno to share his testimony of faith as a disciple of Jesus in Mexico. Josué tells his life story of growing up in a happy evangelical home. Growing up, he experienced doubts and fears, and departed from the Lord for

Patriotic Ambassadors: The Kingdom Message, Visually Presented by Shawn Miller
March 12, 2022

Strength to Strength welcomed Shawn Miller to share an overview presentation of the kingdom of God.To be a “kingdom person” means to be under the reign of God. Like earthly nations, Jesus’ kingdom has four components including a leader, constitution, doma

S2S Sisters: The Battle for Emotional Purity by Darla Weaver
March 05, 2022

Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Darla Weaver for a practical topic for women of all ages.What happens when we bring God into the secret longings of our heart? What does emotional purity look like for a young woman? How does God fit into that vulnera

BONUS TALK: Ukraine Crisis by four brothers
March 05, 2022

Strength to Strength welcomed four brothers from four different countries on an off-Saturday to join us to discuss the current Ukrainian crisis. Each of the four brothers are directly involved in providing assistance through various channels.Jesus’ words

Patriotic Ambassadors: Reclaiming Responsibility by Zack Johnson and David Anderson
February 26, 2022

Strength to Strength welcomed Zack Johnson to discuss how those politically uninvolved are to remain active in effecting change in the world.Given voting is an abdication of responsibility, then how should Christ followers be reclaiming responsibility? Th

"Patriotic Ambassadors: Plundering the Strong Man’s House – part 2" Chuck Pike
November 06, 2021

Strength to Strength welcomed Chuck Pike to discuss expanding the borders of the kingdom of God.Join Chuck as he shares practical insights on evangelism based on decades in a very evangelistic, church-planting movement that emphasized repentance, commitme

"Patriotic Ambassadors: Plundering the Strong Man’s House – part 1" by Chuck Pike
November 06, 2021

Strength to Strength welcomed Chuck Pike to discuss expanding the borders of the kingdom of God.Join Chuck as he explores how we can use the Old Testament prophecies to convince unbelievers.We can learn from the earliest Christians how we too can do the s

"Patriotic Ambassadors: Advancing Jesus’ Kingdom" by John D. Martin
October 23, 2021

Strength to Strength welcomed John D. Martin to discuss his favorite topic, the Kingdom of God.God’s kingdom here on earth is to be a colony of heaven that demonstrates how God intends the whole world to be.God’s righteous rule is just, and kind, and good

"Patriotic Ambassadors: Politics, Culture, and Kingdom Church Planting" by Dwight Nisly
October 16, 2021

Strength to Strength welcomed Dwight Nisly to discuss his experiences with expanding the kingdom of God.Have you ever wrestled with the role of politics and culture in advancing God’s Kingdom? The Apostle Paul answers these questions with a call to “the m

S2S Sisters: "The Woman’s Role in the Kingdom" by Tania Taylor
October 09, 2021

Strength to Strength Sisters welcomed Tania Taylor for our first S2S Sisters’ topic.Is your heart’s deepest longing to advance the kingdom of God, right where you are today? Join us as we explore with Tania what a woman’s role should be in the kingdom of